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How Voice AI Robots are Changing the Debt Collection Market in 2021

(And How You Can Profit Too!)

Love them or hate them, debt collectors will be around until the end of currency itself — in a word, forever. That said, there's a slow change taking over the market, and it's actually serving to benefit both creditors and consumers alike: Voice AI Robots. While automation can be intimidating in other niches, the overall benefits for an increase in the use of automated debt collection has been noted, and it's beginning to be adapted at an exponential rate.
First off, there are plenty of immediate benefits that come just by nature of employing automation rather than manual labor for debt collection. The most pertinent benefit is that you save money — you're only using a program, not an entire team of human beings, and therefore you save money on salaries, benefits, room, insurance, computers, etc. Another benefit is that a voice AI robot can handle a greater workload than a human — up to 1500 calls per minute — all while maintaining greater speed, improved stability (no sickness, no tiring), and even higher conversion rates!

But there's been one major factor that's been holding back the adoption of voice AI robots in the debt collection industry — the believability. Even as the world gradually warms up to the idea of automation penetrating different facets of life, no one wants to hear a robot on the other end of the line. But that problem is actually an opportunity, and is allowing some debt collectors to outdo their competitors even when they both adopt automation…

There are a few premium voice AI robot services that utilize voices that are nearly indistinguishable from humans. Some of those services are capable of imitating real human voices and cadence so effectively that up to 97% of people think it's a real person on the end of the line. For debtors who manage to find such services, their consumers believe they're dealing with an attentive human that's helping them keep track of their payments — which ends up improving the relationship for both sides while increasing the frequency of on-time payments.

But what about the services that are a little less human? Well, while debt collectors would be best served finding a service that offers next-to-human voices, they can still enjoy the previously mentioned benefits of automation plus the added scalability and time conservation. A robot can handle a high volume of calls, way more than any human can, and can naturally improve revenue by contacting more consumers, even if some of them are caught off-guard by the stiff robotic tone on the line.
However, naturally, if you can employ an automated debt collection system that uses believable voices, you're looking at nothing but skyrocketing profits, improved customer relationships, and scalability that would typically be reserved for a company many times your size.

And that's why we recommend giving a try.

The technology, already beginning to be adopted by the debt collection industry, allows you to use voices virtually indistinguishable from humans to contact your consumers. With constant updates, the latest AI, and the ability to develop a literal "voice" for your brand, businesses that incorporate Amai. io into their strategy are seeing growth they never would have been able to achieve prior. Best of all, Amai. io manages to accomplish these feats while being up to 100 times cheaper than employing a human team.
The debt collection industry is learning firsthand the benefits of automation, and the robots are poised to take over more and more markets as they become more human and more blatantly beneficial. That said, there's no reason for your competitors to be the only ones benefitting from it. Fill out our web form and test our robot now.
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