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The Top 5 Differences Between Humans And Robots For Debt Collection

Utilizing humans and robots for your debt collection both have their advantages. But what’s the true difference between using each one for debt collection? In this article, we’re going to show you the top 5 differences between humans and robots for debt collection.

First and foremost, the biggest difference between using humans or a robot is cost-effectiveness. AI robots are much more cost-effective to use than a team of humans. By employing an AI robot, you'll save money on salaries, insurance, office space, computers, and much more. You're simply paying for the use of the program, not employing a human being and incurring the costs that come along with it.
Ability to handle large workloads
Another big difference between humans and AI robots is the differences in the workloads they can handle. Humans are limited to a much smaller number of calls per day and overall work they can handle. A team of humans can also become sick or tired and can't work all night. On the other hand, an AI robot can work continuously and never stops. They can take up to 1500 calls per minute and even have higher conversion rates.
One factor when deciding whether to employ a human or robot is believability. What exactly does believability mean? Lower-end AI robots will sound like robots and are obviously not human. This means it’s much less believable that the debtor is talking to an actual human, which could inhibit your ability to make a collection. Overall, humans are much more personable than a robot and people can tell when they’re talking to a real human. However, a premium voice AI robot, like one from Amai. io, is nearly indistinguishable from a real human.
If you want to grow your company, scalability should be front of mind when employing a robot or human for debt collection. Ultimately, since voice AI robots are more cost-effective than humans, they’re much easier to scale. It’s much cheaper to scale your voice AI robot to handle more calls than to hire additional staff. This means your scalability is improved when you employ an AI robot as opposed to a human.
Overall performance
Ultimately, the overall performance of an AI robot is much greater than that of a human. Improvements in AI technology have significantly increased the volume of calls, workload, and performance that an AI robot can handle. A team of humans has its place, but for debt collection calls employing a robot will result in overall greater performance.

Deciding whether to use humans or a robot for debt collection can be challenging. Ultimately, using a premium voice AI robot, like one from Amai. io, has more benefits than a team of humans. They’re more scalable, cost-effective, and perform better, among other benefits. For more tips, tricks, and technology to help you collect more debts, head to Amai. io and contact us today.
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