AI Voices That Sound Like Humans but Scale Like Software

Use realistic speech synthesis and save 30% or even more on any voice content production.
Choose from hundreds of voices and customize it to suit your needs
Install AMAI on your server or device with CPU or GPU processing
Use a cloud solution with an API for simple integrations and tasks
Market Leaders Trust Our Solutions
Market Leaders Trust Our Solutions
Lifelike Voices for Any Task
97% of people can't differ AMAI-generated voices from live human speech. You can customize the voice to sound however you'd like.
Choose one of 9 emotions for any voice
Adjust the speed of speech
Tune stresses and logical pauses
voice samples
AMAI only needs 10 minutes to 2 hours of recorded speech to create your own voice pattern.
Choose a ready-made voice or create a copy of yours
Try the AMAI voice editor
Call Centers and Support Services
Enhance Your Business With AMAI Technologies
Mobile Apps and Online Services
Simultaneous translation
Audio Guides
Debt collection
Automatic Call System
Meditation announcer
Mia Cristo
GPS Navigator Voice
Audioguide Voice
Support Manager
Call Center Operator
Sales Manager
Customers will not differentiate AMAI speech from a human
Synthesize speech on your server — no cloud service is necessary
Relieve your staff from the office routine. Create AMAI-synthesized operator's phone answers even in a language you don't know, without being charged for each word or letter symbols.
Update your content easier, cheaper, and faster
Unlimited speech synthesis
No need to pay a cloud service every time you need speech synthesis — install AMAI on your server and turn any volume of text into speech.
Voice Assistants
Create digital voice assistants with a limitless vocabulary and offline work capability.
Online Translators
Use AMAI in e-translators or for teaching languages online, where the high-quality speech is the standard.
Metaverse Characters
Give voice to your characters and brands in the Metaverse. Communicate, promote and sell with the help of virtual speakers.
Game Characters
Choose from hundreds of voices and emotional shades for any NPC. AMAI voices freely integrate with popular game engines (Unity, Unreal Engine 5).
Voicing large amounts of text
Voices for Electronic Devices
Instruction manuals
Audio performances
Self-Service Terminals
GPS Navigator Voice
Audioguide Voice
Make your devices interactive
Use AMAI both on EDGE and offline devices
Install smart voice technology on your server or direcly into device. AMAI allows speech synthesis both with CPU or GPU.
Don't waste money on voice actors
Voice a 500-page book in a couple of minutes
AMAI will significantly reduce the cost of voicing large texts while maintaining high sound quality. Any voice pattern can be customized to your needs.
Podcast voice
Fairytale character
Non-fiction announcer
Audio Advertising
Make memorable commercials without hiring professional announcers. AMAI delivers flawless voice-overs from the first take.
Voice-Overs of Web Articles
Voice any news and posts on your blog-platform, website or mobile app in real time with the handy built-in online TTS editor.
Integration Without Restrictions
Setup the AMAI voice engine on your server or device and use it on request at any time.
The On-Premise license will allow you to use AMAI technologies without limits for a year.
Save 30% Or More on Audio Content
Full Autonomy
The On-Premise solution will allow you to install AMAI into any device, even if it works offline.
Available on EDGE Devices
AMAI technologies work perfectly on EDGE devices and next-gen smartphones.
No More Cloud Hosting
Just run AMAI on your server. The response time for requests is 0.1 seconds.
Open API
Easily install AMAI technologies into any online product. Get an instant response to a speech synthesis request.
Integration into your product with no hassle
API response rate — 0.1 seconds
Payment per hour of voice-over
Ready-Made Plugins for the Most Popular Systems
Use ready-made solutions to deliver text-to-speech technology to popular products.
We Will Help You Integrate Any Solution
We accompany our clients the entire time they work with AMAI technologies and help fulfill any integration.
How Much Does Voice Engine Integration Cost?
simple and quick integration
data processing on the AMAI server
The API supports an infinite number of parallel requests.
Open API
ready-made plugins for popular systems
$9.99 per hour of voice synthesis
On-Premise License
One On-Premise license allows you to process one request for speech synthesis at a time.
unlimited number of requests during the year
allows to work on the CPU or GPU of your device
able to work on offline devices
start from $500 per year for one license
Regardless of the chosen license, we always help with the integration of our technologies into your product.
How AMAI Simplifies Business Processes
A company selling audiobooks by subscription
We’re looking for a way to voice books faster
Now we save a lot of time and money on voice acting
The voice-over of a book by a narrator usually takes several days or even months. We needed fast, realistic speech synthesis that offered the same liveliness as human voice acting.
We have been cooperating with AMAI since 2019. We are narrating the books of independent authors with the help of artificial intelligence, as well as creating a database of synthesized voices for our audiobooks. The voice-over of one book takes only a few minutes.
AI Voice Technology News
Human voice is an incredible, versatile thing — it can convey a wide range of emotions; its timbre can make you weep from joy or sadness, or put you straight to sleep from boredom.
Voiceover For The New Generation
If you are a game developer and are still doing things the old way — digging for your treasure in the proverbial wrong castle, — we feel for you.
Voice AI for game developers
Text to Speech (TTS) technology works on almost all digital devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets.
7 ways to use speech synthesis in education
Get a Unique Voice for Your Product
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The data is based on the Turing test results, where people tried to distinguish the voice of a robot from a human voice. Try the Turing Test