— Create a Voice clone and earn while you rest.
Our marketplace will help you make money without your participation. We voiceovers books, work in call centers, and read bedtime stories to children.
Voice Marketplace
Can't find clients for your voice?
You already have a bunch of introductions, you've registered on all sorts of platforms, you're waiting, but you're still waiting to be noticed.

We have thousands of companies and projects looking for a talent like you!
Looking for extra jobs?
Perhaps your full-time job takes you away from your day.
Or you are busy taking care of your family.
You are working several jobs at once.

Always looking for a way to get money?
Invest in what you do best!
Artificial intelligence does not and will not replace voice actors anytime soon. Your timbre, your pitch, your exceptional pronunciation of, for example, the letter "r", or maybe you even stutter slightly, are all just you. AI is still a long way from being able to generate this from scratch.

But don't forget AI has superpowers: it doesn't need to sleep, it can voice thousands of movies and books in a second. It can work even when you're already tired. Tired of going to auditions? The AI can do it for you. You want to get famous and sound out of every phone, app, become part of a chatbot. AI helps you really get superpowers.

We'll be your impresario!
A few simple steps
Record voice
2 hours of your voice recording is all you need to start earning.

Record on your own time online. We'll provide you with all the instructions and text.
We publish
We publish your voice on our marketplace, where projects find you.
You earn
When someone chooses your voice, you earn 20% of the deal.

And you continue to enjoy your daily life ;)
Our clients — your clients
We work with a wide variety of fields
Easy to start
you will reward at the conclusion of the contract
2 hours
for your voice record
We send you text for recording
revenue share per usage of your voice
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