We make ultra-realistic voices to help your business scale faster!
AMAI improves business metrics for enterprises by providing self-hosted text-to-speech solutions that work in real time
We help companies perform better by automating conversations
Save money on hiring and employee training
Reduce content production costs
Improve user experience
Save budget for cloud services
Industrial grade AI voice engines
10+ languages
10+ emotions
200ms response
self-hosted solution
open API
plug-n-play integration
affordable price
Edit pitch tone, speed, pauses and other voice characteristics to achieve natural-sounding speech
Choose voices from our library or clone any voice you want
We help audiobooks publishers, call-centers, banks, insurance companies, and other businesses to communicate with more clients at lightning speed.
About us
AMAI is a Voice-as-a-Service startup that develops industry-grade AI voice engines. Our proprietary text-to-speech system creates voices that sound incredibly realistic. AMAI voices, rich with human emotions, speak multiple languages in real time.