We synthesized the best voices for business.
We reduce the cost of voiceovers for films/audiobooks/games from 3-20x cheaper Increase the speed 100x by synthesizing high-quality voice with accent and emotion.
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Voice quality directly depends on the quality of the recordings on which we train our model. We use datasets from experienced broadcasters and voice actors.
Our team has only the most experienced specialists in the field of AI and NLU. We use every research in this area. And we consult with world opinion leaders.
Our synthesized voices respond to punctuation. Dots, commas, question and exclamation marks. Manage stress in words as needed.
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AI Expertise
Why are our voices the best?
We are constantly improving the synthesis of voices. Every month we increase the synthesis speed to 30% and improve the quality. We are constantly adding new languages and voices.

Studio Recording
Voice for robots
Famous personalities
Gajets / Toys
Video (films)
Talking robots
Talking toys
Call centers
Voice assistants
Annoucement systems (trainstation, airports)
Automated reception
Appointment "calls"
Dead Stars (Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson ...)
Actors and actresses
Voice and dubbing actors

Online Support
Answers to frequently asked questions in audio
Information Services
Audio guides
Audio assistants
Car devices
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